Friday, June 3, 2011

Holy Dog Poo...

       OK, so here's a funny story about a dog and his habits and the effects it had on the neighbor next door.

       The dog's name was Sindbad. A Rottweiler mix. He was a great guard dog, and loving in his ways. This dog belonged to my friend, and they have a good relationship with their neighbors (For the most part)

       They moved to a new home, and several months after, the house next to them was purchased and a new neighbor moved in. He just so happens to be a man of faith. A priest ordained by the Catholic Church.

       One morning my friend was leaving for work. She open the back door to walk to the garage and she saw something on the corner of the patio. It was undefinable, and piled up like a pyramid.

       She had no time to spare but a second to inspect the abnormality, as she was running behind for work. Upon said inspection she came to realize what she was viewing was quite surprisingly a neatly piled stack of dog poo!

       My friend was far too busy to take care of the situation, so she went to work. After a few hours at work she came to a solid conclusion after considering the possibilities. It wasn't a single visit, or multiple visits by the dog. It had to have been placed there. The only person who would do this is the new neighbor.

       By the time my friend got home that day, it was apparent. The older gentlemen had left a note on the door.
"dear neighbor, your dog has been doing his business in my yard and I'm tired of it. Now, it's your problem"
By this declaration of urban war, my friend chose not to surrender to such juvenile actions. I mean seriously? Who does that? It was obvious to my friend what she had to do...leave the poo sit there. So it sat. For weeks! Until it became the stain that sits there now.

       Now it was the neighbors turn to act again and by this time Sindbad was not confined as well as my friend thought. She woke up made her coffee, was just about to leave for work, and happens to peer outside onto the steps leading down to the patio. There was a new fecal matter to resolve.

       Poo had been lined up all the way across the bottom step. Again... who does that? Well all is well that ends well I suppose because the next step (so to speak) was to prevent further warfare and hardship.

       The plan so far is to get a shock collar device. This is a better option than to chain an animal outside. It's smart! More on this in later blogs. Besides, dogs don't get shocked too many more times after the first. They are just guidelines for what most dogs already know are their boundary line.

       The point I'm making my way to is that we should take into consideration our neighbors when dealing with our pets. Sometimes folks can take an easy solution to a small problem and blow into a life lesson. You know the one, an eye for an eye. Well, the best way to deal with our long term issues with our neighbors and their pets is to be open and concise with what issues we have.